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Services for Uninsured Residents in Escambia County

We receive many requests for help with services for the uninsured population in our community.  Escambia County is home to more than 77,000 uninsured residents, whether it be becuase they cannot afford their own private health insurance or because they make too much money for Medicaid or Medicare.  Some residents are considered uninsured because they have "coverage" under the Medicaid-Medically Needy program.  This program is designed so that each patient has a monthly threshold amount they must cover themselves before their Medicaid coverage "kicks in".  For some patients, that amount is $

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Become a Monthly Partner!

Do you believe in our mission? Do you already give an annual donation? How is monthly giving different than the donation or donations you already make? Monthly giving provides a sustainable and bankable source of revenue the clinic can budget for so that we can take on challenges with the knowledge that our most loyal donors are going to stay with us!

Our $20/month giving program is easy an affordable for almost anyone!

With just $20 a month, you can provide .....

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January 2015 e-Newsletter

We sent out quarterly e-newsletters to keep you all up-to-date and informed about clinic progress, community happenings and God moments we expereince here.  We will also post a link to the most recent newseletter on the blog for your reference. 

If you have not signed up to recieve our e-newsletter, please do! There's a sign up form to the left. 

Our January 2015 e-Newsletter can be viewed by CLICKING HERE!


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Wellness Matters

Health and Hope Clinic as entered into a collaborative initiative with Baptist Healthcare, Healthy Lives, Olive Baptist Church and Ministry Village at Olive to pilot a 6-month healthy living program for members of our clinic and our community who need it most. Our community has resources available to community members at no cost, but the problem we all face is the education of what's out there. This is small step that will hopefully return a BIG positive impact on our overall community health. We've got to stop gathering in a room to talk about it and START DOING IT!!!

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$60K raised for local healthcare

The 2014 Christmas at the Clinic event was once again a very big success! Thank you! Thank you for sharing your time, your talents and your treasures with us.  The committee who put on this year's event did so with poise, energy and diligence.  Hosted at the Artel Gallery, the environment was just beautiful.  Thank you to Sara Davy and Debbie Smith who led this event from beginning to end.  Please plan to join us for next year's event!