Wellness Matters

Health & Hope Clinic as entered into a collaborative initiative with Baptist Healthcare, Healthy Lives, Olive Baptist Church and Ministry Village at Olive to pilot a 6-month healthy living program for members of our clinic and our community who need it most.  The structure of the program was created and will be facilitated by Registered Dieticians with Baptist Healthcare and Healthy Lives of Baptist Healthcare on a monthly basis, for 6 consecutive months, starting January 2015 through June 2015. 

The monthly structure is as follows:

The group will meet the last Wednesday of each month at Olive Baptist Church's Recreation Outreach Center for 30 minutes of fitness activity.  Once completed, the group will move to a classroom setting (except during the Shopping Matters and Food Matters months) to learn about a variety of healthy living topics.  Topics are below.  After each lesson, participants will be invited to dine at Olive Baptist Church's Wednesday night dinner and partake in the Wednesday evening message.

January:Food Matters (Nutrition 101 and reading the nutrition label instruction); February:Shopping Matters (Grocery store tour and food budgeting.)March: Cooking Matters (Chef Bob Vangingan at Olive Baptist Church will lead meal prep class with Registered Dietician support.); April: Activity Matters (Fitness); May: Healing Matters (Immunity, sleep, stress); June: Health Matters (Overall health balance and future success planning.)  The program will conclude with a Graduation Ceremony, with diploma and a voucher from the Ministry Village at Olive Bargain Center. The vision is that this program will be repeated at the Olive Baptist Church facility for a second round June 2015 to December 2015 with goal in 2016 to replicate the model at other community faith-based locations who have the facility availability and accommodations. 

Our community has resources available to community members, but the problem we all face is the education of what's available.  This is small step that will hopefully return a big positive impact on our overall community health.  We've got to stop gathering in a room to talk about it and START DOING IT!!!

At Health & Hope Clinic, this is our faith in action.  We live it everyday inside the clinic walls, but there's a bigger community with lots of resources who are willing to help outside our walls.  Let's partner together with the resources each of us has and make a impact.  Thank you to these partnering organizations for stepping up to make this happen, rather than just have a vision for it.