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The Hurting & The Healer

At Health and Hope, our patients are more that just a chart and a number.  We believe each of our 3,000 patients that we’ve had the honor of caring for over the years were created uniquely with immeasurable value by a loving God.  Although, some of our patients admit they initially had a hard time believing this about themselves and accepting that this is truly our philosophy.

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Living Well: Seriously?

Am I serious?

This is a question I frequently ask myself this time of year. As 2011 draws to a close, I ponder this question over and over. And I am sure you ask yourself a similar question. It is quite natural for us to reflect upon the last year as we embrace the dawning of a new year. In fact if you are like me you are probably excited about the opportunities you envision for 2012. But before I speak of the future I want to glance back and remember 2011.

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Living Well: What Is in a Name?


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Living Well: The Shepherd and The Door

"Living Well"! Health and Hope Clinic has one overarching goal: to see our patients and volunteers living lives that are whole emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Lives that, regardless of the difficulties faced, are lived well.  This requires a biblical understanding of "Living Well." An understanding that "Living Well" is more than words; it is an encounter with Life!  

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Reaching Out

"I came that you may have life and have it abundantly." John 10:10

Over the course of the last 9 months, a small team of volunteers and I set out to articulate the mission and vision of Health and Hope Clinic. We asked questions like: What are the needs in the area we live? How has God equipped us to address those needs? What measurements are we using to determine if we are being effective? To what has God called us? These deep and introspective questions proved to be harder to answer than we anticipated. We had a lot to learn!